Come experience a level of service and attention that is rooted in a strong commitment to and deep caring for our community.

Commitment to Health

Above all things, Shelbyville Pharmacy is committed to your health and safety when dispensing and recommending medications.  One size does not fit all, so you can expect personalized recommendations when you seek guidance from our Pharmacist.  At Shelbyville Pharmacy, you will always have easy access to your Pharmacist, the drug-information professional, and you can count on receiving only the highest quality of care.

Commitment to Value

Shelbyville Pharmacy is committed to providing our patients value in our pharmacy products and services.  This value may come by saving money with pharmacist-recommended generic substitutions, or it may come from our insistence of only promoting reliable brands of nonprescription medications- products that you can count on.  Why pay the same prescription copay at another pharmacy when you can experience the exceptional, personalized service at Shelbyville Pharmacy for the same price?

Commitment to a Positive Experience

Shelbyville Pharmacy is committed to showing every patient that they are respected and that we will not only care for them, but that we care about them.  Your time is valuable! It will be our priority to prepare your prescriptions and address your concerns in as timely a manner as possible.  A single prescription can usually be dispensed in less than 5 minutes.  And unlike some pharmacies, we will gladly order and stock hard-to-find prescription and nonprescription items at your request.

Commitment to Community

The staff of Shelbyville Pharmacy understands that local, small businesses have the responsibility of supporting the positive things happening in our community.

When you support Shelbyville Pharmacy, you can be encouraged by the fact that you are also supporting many local community groups and events in Shelbyville!  We want to hear about the good things that our patients are doing in Shelbyville and around the world, and we want to support as many of these activities as possible.

To request a donation for a local event or organization, please fill out the Donation Request Form and drop it off at the pharmacy.  We ask for 2 weeks advance notice for donation requests.  And remember, as we grow, so will our giving!