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Hello! And welcome to the Shelbyville Pharmacy blog. This will be a place for me, Jason, to share some of my thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics. I am a Doctor of Pharmacy, so as you would expect, you’ll likely be seeing some posts about pharmacy issues such as disease treatment, vaccinations and medication safety. However, I also intend to “pull back the curtain”, so to speak. I want to let you know how I utilize my background in pharmacy and chemistry to give patients educated recommendations about alternative medications, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and non-pharmacologic therapies used to treat or prevent disease. My goal in this is to prepare you to go and make wise health decisions for yourself and your family.

This blog also has another purpose: to promote local efforts aimed at improving the overall health of our community and its individuals. Responsible pharmaceutical care, while of great value, is only a single color in the overall picture of health- or more importantly, wellness. If your local group or event aligns with our holistic view of wellness and has the intent to better the physical, mental or spiritual health of Shelby County or beyond, then let us know! We want to partner with you to the best of our ability, even if it is simply by encouragement and increasing awareness of your endeavors.

You are welcome to fire some questions my way. Put me on the hot seat- the process of finding answers to difficult questions has made me a better pharmacist. So send me an email, give me a call or better yet, plan on stopping by. Our doors will be open very soon and I look forward to seeing you!